E-Shop instructions

  • Send us the filled in order.(Please, send the order only if you intend to fulfil it).
  • Minimum order is 50,-Eur. Please, realize that shipping can run from 20,-Eur.
  • For payment you can use bank transfer, Visa or Mastercard card. We will need to know all the identification data of your card – card type and number, expiration date, holder name, zip code at the back side. For security reasons we suggest to send data in two separate e-mails or faxes. In case of card payment from our shop we employ the payment terminal . With your order under 100,-EUR we charge 10,-EUR extra. All prices are with a tax. We can deduct tax for our customers who are not a member of Europe Unien. In this case instruments or parts have to be shiped direct to their home country.
  • Prices can be change without notice.

We accept these payment cards Master Card Maestro VISA