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Lluís Gómez (SPAIN)

Lluís Gómez (SPAIN)

Playing an instrument is a way to express your feelings. Sometimes happiness, sometimes sadness, but always with your heart. I believe this is the way Jarda, Jan and Petra build their instruments: with a deep love for music and especially for the future player and owner of the instrument, an instrument that will be a faithful friend in their hands. That’s the feeling I have when I play my Prucha. I feel proud to have this instrument. It is like a part of me and I am especially honored to be a part of the Prucha family. If you want a banjo with heart and soul, no questions, play a Jarda’s banjo!



Fugint de Barcelona-Jean Marie Redon & Lluís Gómez

La Dama d’Aragó-Lluís Gómez, Maribel Rivero & Carol Duran

Jenny On The Railroad-Lluís Gómez & Jean-Marie Redon

Virton Banjo Musette Lesson-Lluís Gómez