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Spirit Open Back model - special AB

Spirit Open Back model - special AB

Price from 2460,- €



Eventually, we have finalized the Spirit line with the Open Back model. Beautifully clean peghead shape patterned on the basic outlines of the Spirit models. Plain open back banjo of a very subtle design. Decent simple inlays based on the Alison Brown model design. I always thought that when I grow old, I´d sit in a rocking chair on the porch of my house and pluck old mountain tunes on an open back banjo. Maybe it will come true with our new Spirit open back model...


  • mahogany, satin finish
  • ebony fingerboard with original PRUCHA OB headstock
  • Spirit OB abalone inlay (original PRUCHA pattern)
  • Ivory multiple binding on fingerboard / rim
  • nickel plating
  • open back banjo pot with simply wire tone ring, 28hooks and nuts
Basic price: 2460,- €
Final price: 2460,- €

(not including a tax)


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