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Marc Pruett  (USA)

Marc Pruett (USA)

Banjo: Spirit

“I have been playing a Prucha banjo with Balsam Range since early 2018. I’ve travelled with it and recorded with it, and it is a great, world-class instrument that I love to use. My Prucha banjo is beautiful, easy to play, and it is full of classic, wonderful tones ... tones that blast with power, as well as soft whispers of soulful joy. I was asked to play series of shows about a year ago with my old friend, Ricky Skaggs, and I used my Prucha banjo for all those shows.

In addition to fully endorsing Prucha banjos, I love Prucha banjo parts ... and what wonderful musical instrument parts they are! Jarda and his team have been on the forefront of creating the finest useable instrument parts in the world for the last 40 years. Prucha’s attention to detail is perfect. I’ll tell you how perfect ... my wife Anita we’re in the Prucha shop in 2018, and one of the many things I saw was a big stack of beautiful banjo flanges. It turned out that they each had small blemishes, but I thought they still looked good and functional. I asked if I could buy one, and Jarda said they were all destined to be melted, because, “They are not perfect ... I don’t want to be known for less than great parts.”

I extend my full praise and highest complements to Jarda and his team for offering the best Bluegrass instruments and musical parts for the world to use.”



Marc Pruett

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