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Old Time Banjo Pot

PRUCHA BLUEGRASS INSTRUMENTS as a prominent producer of banjos and finest banjo parts offers the best quality bluegrass and old time banjo pots for your personally built banjo. You can find differences between „ONE PIECE FLANGE CONSTRUCTION, TWO PIECE FLANGE CONSTRUCTION AND „OUR SPECIAL PRUCHA BANJO POT CONSTRUCTION“ on our photos. Check out our „OLD TIME BANJO POT“.

OTBP Our OLD TIME BANJO POT ASSEMBLY for open back banjos by default sports our best 3 - ply maple rim, simple brass tone ring,tension hoop, 28 hooks and nuts with hook shoes and banjo head .You can order it with our different tone ring of your choice. All our parts give to our open-back banjo a warm and clear tone for old – time playing. Just let us know your personal preference and specification.

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OTBP - simply with a wire brass ring, 28 shoes and hooks with 103F 539.70 EUR
OTBPW - (OTBP) with Whyte Ladye tone ring 643.01 EUR
OTBPT - (OTBP) with Tubaphone tone ring 791.77 EUR
OTBPWSB - (OTBPW) with shoe belt 750.48 EUR
OTBPTSB - (OTBPT) with shoe belt 899.21 EUR
Engraving ,black nickel, gold plating Ask for availability and price