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Prucha Bluegrass Instruments offers

After long years of extensive experience in banjo and mandolin building, we are now proudly offering PRUCHA banjo and mandolin hardware for sale. All our parts are made to exact specs of the vintage parts used in the 1930´s. We worked closely with some of the most respected luthiers in America, so in order to produce the highest quality parts possible.We have had an especially tight and long cooperation with Mr Bill Sullivan from First Quality Musical Supplies and Mr Charlie Deerington from Gibson. Both these fine men are no longer with us but we know they are surely watching us from above as we build on their expertise. We have now developed the valuable know-how necessary to start our production of our own metal parts. Our handmade parts have been extremely well received by the best instrument companies in America today. Currently, all the reputable builders use our hardware for their production. We strive to remain true to the old masters so all our parts are made from the same material as the vintage originals. PRUCHA BLUEGRASS INSTRUMENTS makes the highest quality parts, such as Presto tailpieces, two and four hump clamshell tailpieces, mandolin tailpieces, armrests, two bracket armrests, hooks and nuts, resonator hardware, co-ordinator rods, L and T brackets, wooden parts - rims, etc.Now we start produce our New One Piece Flange-Prewar specs.reissue and Two Piece Flange. Excelent precision machinist in the Czech Republic, Vladislav Ptáček makes for us tension hoops, tonerings, capos and tuning pegs.

Please do not hesitate to ask for more information.